The Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival Committee

          The members of MFMFC are busy planning the 43rd Annual Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival in 2022. The work has started with getting ads and articles together for the Program Book. The work has also began lining up the different events to put together on the Schedule. If you have any new ideas please contact us, and mark your calendars for September 16, 17 and 18th 2022.

          If you attended the festival last year, MFMFC geared the theme of the festival more toward the Firefighters, EMTs, and First responders with less emphasis on family. We offered Training Classes free of charge. There was still events that were of interest to the family with Kid’s Day being moved to Sunday afternoon.

          Marty Allen of Jackson took over 1500 pictures of the festival last year. He has shared those with MFMFC and told us we could share with others. Please go the Photo Gallery to view the great pictures Marty took. Thanks for sharing, Marty

          Please let us know if you enjoyed the changes that were made in 2021. Currently, the members of MFMFC are looking for more interesting events that encourage people to be Firefighters. Departments are having a problem getting People to join in, leaving those departments shorthanded. Remembering “Fallen Heroes” is very important, it is likewise important to train new personnel to fill the shoes of those that gave the “Ultimate Sacrifice.”

          Join us at the 43rd Memorial the third weekend in September. Gather with fellow firefighters  relax, share stories, and remember those that are no longer walking with us.

We need your support!


Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival Committee

For further information contact:

Michigan's Firemen's Memorial Festival Committee
P.O. Box 672
Roscommon, Mi 48653

                                        Phone or Text  (989) 275-5880