The 42nd Annual Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival

    The lifting of CDC restrictions in Michigan came as a welcomed announcement to the Members of MFMFC. Members have been making plans for the 42nd Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival, in September, very cautiously but now it is full speed ahead. Some of the events will be the same and some will be different. This is mainly because some of the events take more planning and lead time. It will be  a challenge, having missed two Fundraiser Dinners and the Festival last year, but members are positive that they can generate a great Festival! 

    One of the changes is a Fundraiser Raffle. Members created this raffle to supplement funds lost from other fundraisers that were canceled due to Covid-19. Please make sure to get your tickets for this raffle. Prizes for the winning raffle tickets are: First place will pay $1000.00; Second place will pay $500.00; and Third place will pay $300.00. The  cost of each ticket is $5.00, and Winners will be drawn on Saturday Night, September 18, 2021, at 8:00 P.M.   The drawing will take place at the Roscommon County Fire Training Grounds. Please feel free to contact any member of MFMFC or email us at mfmfc.vendors@gmail.com  Your help and support to make this a great fundraiser is greatly appreciated.

  Other changes for the festival this year are a.) Family Night is no longer on Thursday Night, but is moved to Sunday Afternoon; b.) More Fire related Vendors and Demonstrations with more convenient placement of Fire Vendors; c.) A stronger Firefighter theme, including the addition of fire training classes and department competitions; d.) Cornhole Tournament; and e.) Lion's Chicken Dinner moved to a new convenient location.         Please check this website often. It will be updated as more events and activities get confirmed. MFMFC is not alone, gearing up for the festival. The Pandemic has also been hard on many of the Fire Companies, some do not currently have the extra manpower to prepare for a vendor booth at a conference or festival. The schedule on this website will reflect more events as September nears. Members of MFMFC are asking you to set aside the third week end in September, to come and join us in commemorating those Fallen Heroes that dedicated their time for years to help others.

    The Members of MFMFC hope to meet you at the 42nd Annual Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival.

We need your support!


Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival Committee

For further information contact:

Michigan's Firemen's Memorial Festival Committee
P.O. Box 672
Roscommon, Mi 48653

                                                Phone  (989) 275 5880